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Pet Haven

Campground for our furry friends

Guests who wouldn’t leave home without their four-legged friends are welcome to set-up camp in Pet Haven. This spot is beautiful and set away from the rest of the campgrounds.

Please note pets must be on leash at all times!

Rates and Dates

“Fantastic trip!”
5 of 5 stars Reviewed 20 July 2014

I went into this thinking the ride would be a pretty passive experience -- I've always been a little disdainful of rafts, with tourists crammed in like sardines. In fact, this was a real whitewater experience, letting someone like me, who isn't a good enough paddler to kayak big rapids on my own, experience big drops and powerful currents. Our guide was phenomenal -- unbelievable how they can control those huge clunky boats! -- and the Ottawa River is an incredible place. Our accommodations were quite lovely, though I guess it might have been nice to have a slightly more festive atmosphere at the main pavilion, which felt sort of empty.

But overall this is a fantastic place, with great guides and an amazing trip. Better than I could have imagined!

Matt P
Parts, Unknown