Couples Camping Cabin

<b>Couples Camping Cabins</b><br />Couples Camping Cabins <b>Couples Camping Cabins</b><br />Couples Camping Cabins are just a short stroll to the river and the pavilion

The Couples Camping Cabins

On Resort

  • Sleeps 2 people
  • Double bed
  • Bedding
  • Washroom and shower near by
  • Heated

$69 per night on weekends
$65 per night week days

Rates and Dates

Check-in @ 5:00 pm - Check-out @ 10:00 am or before rafting trip

Note: Additional $10/person/day resort fee applies for each day spent on the resort. If you are rafting on any given day or taking a multi day package with meals this charge does not apply.