Paddler Services

About the Ottawa River

Open weekends for the 2018 season as of April 27th.  The gate will be opened on weekends until May 18th and fully staff mid week from that date forward.

The Ottawa River, upstream of Canada's Capital, Ottawa, is the country's top destination for rafting and kayaking. While most of the river has been harnessed for hydro-electric power, there remains the "Rocher-Fendu", an old French word meaning "split rock". It's where the river flows through two billion year old granite bedrock and an island paradise of 175 islands (in high water) creating a whitewater playground.

The dozen dams upstream have created wide shallow lakes lined with granite which captures the heat of the sun and warms the water. Because watershed is not mountainous, electricity is generated with warm surface water. As a result, the Ottawa is blessed with not only spectacular rapids but also warm water well into September. It's a unique combination.

River Run Advantage for Paddlers

RiverRun boasts the best location on the Ottawa River for taking out at the end of a day of paddling. At the bottom of the last set of rapids is our beach and campground, close to your car, gear and dry clothes all safe and secure. Wi-fi in the Pavilion.

Paddler Services

  • Camping RV and Electrical Hook Up $79/night plus tax based on 4 people
  • Take Out
  • Accommodations*
  • Hot Showers
  • Private Beach and Sauna
  • Wi-fi

*Advance reservations required for meals and accommodations.

Paddler Fees

Access / Take-out

River Run offers take out and day use passes for all paddlers on the Ottawa River.  This day pass includes use of the washrooms and a safe parking location for your vehicle.   Day use paddlers can also purchase a season's pass for take out access.
Cost:  $10 / person / day plus tax.

Overnighter Camping and Take Out

When looking for a the best place to camp on the Ottawa River, River Run has you covered.  Our nightly rates include access to change rooms and showers.

Spend the night in one of our beautiful campgrounds, there are five to choose from. Includes take-out/access fees.

Check out our campsites

$49/site based on 4 person occupany

2019 Paddler Take out Season Passes

Date Rate Adults Teens (13-17) Kids (5-12) Groms (under 4)
Now - January 15th "Locals" Only Rate  $ 69  $ 30  $10 Free
January 15th - April 15th Spring Chicken Rate  $79  $40  $20 Free
April 16th to end of season Regular Rate  $99  $50  $30 Free

Note: Rates are per person and do not include HST.  Season passes do not discount overnight camping rates

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Camping Season Passes

Date Rate Adults Teens (13-17) Kids (5-12) Groms (under 4)
Now  - January 15th "Locals" Only Rate  $ 249  $99  $79 Free
January 16th - April 15th Spring Chicken  $299  $149  $99 Free
April 16th to end of season Regular Rate  $399  $199  $149 Free

*Includes Paddler's Season Pass in the above rates

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Seasonal RV Rates

Date Rate Adults
Now - March 1st Early Bird Rate  $ 249
March 2nd - April 15th Spring Chicken Rate  $299
April 16th to end of season Regular Rate  $399

* Non serviced site only.   Does not include resort access for non pass holders, camping season pass or paddler's season pass.  Located in Paddler's Meadow.

Check out our campsites

Spend the night in one of our beautiful campgrounds, there are four to choose from.

Lunch spot provides access to the following playspots:

* Garburater (levels 0 thru -2)
* Waikiki Waves (levels 5 – 7)
* Bus Eater (levels 14+)
* Push Button (levels 0 and under)