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5 of 5 starsReviewed 15 August 2014

"We went there as a group of 4 and the day couldn't have gone better. Although we booked separately they easily accommodated us so that we would be on the same raft. Our guide was super friendly and made an effort right from the beginning to learn all of our names and make us feel welcome. After just 2 rapids we stopped for some lunch and were able to hang out water side or by the fire. After Lunch we the bigger adventure started. The rapids were closer together and we even got to do some cliff diving. The great part was that no matter what we were doing we felt safe and that we didn't need to do something we weren't comfortable with. All in all a great experience."

Trip Advisor: RiverRun Rafting

Trip Advisor has rated RiverRun Rafting with a full 5 stars. Highest ranking for rafting on the Ottawa River.
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